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Иностранные преподаватели

Daniel Willis Cline

It is mybelief that the student who can understand spoken English has only masteredhalf of the task.  The second equallyimportant component is the student's ability to speak and be understood by the speaking partner!  This means thatthe student must be able to reproduce such speech as is clear and comprehendible.

 To thisend, therefore, my focus is to provide my students with necessary phoneticsskills; and with intonation and cadence patterns so that the student's speechmay be readily transparent to every listener. 

Mark Rasmussen (EFL Teacher 2009-2011)

I aim to make a positive impact on the learning of my students. I realize that learning a foreign language can be very difficult without having frequent contact with native speakers. Therefore, although I am not a grammatical expert, students will be able to practice their spoken English with me. I am enthusiastic about learning the Russian language – although as my fellow teachers will already attest, I have a long way to go with my studies!

Paul Steven Inglis

My objective as a teacher is to make the most of my opportunities to help people in a variety of contexts in the English-speaking world. I have a passion in assisting people to discover, develop and enhance their own unique individual potential.

Daniel Studd

Great Britain

«I feel I can make an excellent teacher of English to foreigners. I have a clear, standart English. Also I have learnt several foreign languages myself so I know of the difficulties that face learners of foreign languages. I think I would be good at empathising with and forming working relationship with the students»


  • University of Leicester. Bachelor of Science, 1st Class Honours 2002
  • Post Graduate Certificate of Education 2006

Robert Hartigan


English Teacher

«I am very interested in former soviet, and particularly Russian culture, as well as trying to teach myself Russian in my free time.
I am serious about my job, and I am keen on developing and improving my teaching as well as working hard to help my students achieve their goals.» (2005 - 2006)


  • September 2002 - Cambridge CELTA at International House London.
  • 1998 – 2002 - BA honours degree in English and History at Mary Immaculate College, Limerick.
  • 1998 - Leaving certificate at Sexton St. C.B.S., Limerick.
  • May 1998 - Silver medal in LAMDA speech and drama examination. (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art).

Jason Dugan

«Working for Labaton is great because people at Labaton are competent and friendly; they genuinely care about students. There is a real sense of teamwork and a genuine interest in providing a positive educational experience for all students. I wish that education of this quality was available to all people.» (2005)

Phillip Joel Grandmont


I have wanted to teach in Russia for a long time, and am fascinated by the culture and people of this region.

I am a recent graduate of Queen’s University of Kingston, and hold a Bachelor of Arts (Honors) degree in English Literature. In the spring of 2001, I attended the Oxford Seminars and received a certificate for Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL). The seminar was 50 hours of intensive teacher training, including: lessons planning, classroom management techniques, pedagogical techniques and, finally, a teaching practicum.

During my time in Russia, Labaton has made a tremendous impression on me as a small school that "thinks big". Whether it's with internationally recognized examinations, city-wide language contests, or summer language camps; the Labaton staff is always busy and always looking ahead. I'm not sure that I've ever heard of a school where the staff works so hard to build a reputation, and the students so consistently prove that reputation to be well deserved. I've often felt privleged to be part of the Labaton team, and I wish them all luck in the future. 

Abe Rafi

«Strange things I noticed when i first came back to states:

  • people smile a lot.
  • people are fat.
  • everyone seems to have a car and no one walks anywhere.
  • everyone speaks English (this still seems strange).
  • the television shows and music are horrible.
  • people wear shorts everywhere.
  • the specific food that I missed in Russia isn’t tempting now that it’s available to me.» (2002)

Brandon Schmidt


«Friendship is a unique phenomena in Russia. Russians like to brag about the power of slavic companionship. With puffed chests they claim that, “Americans don’t have friendships like Russians do.” I cannot very well compare the depths of comradeship in either culture. I can only relay to you a few of the differences I’ve noticed.

For starters, women are twice as affectionate. They hold hands while strolling down the street. Groups of three or four girls will lock arms and go on their way. While even American women will embrace when they meet, Russian women may add a kiss to either cheek of their girlfriend. And if you are a man being introduced to a woman for the first time, better hold the handshake. The intergender shake is a relative rarity. I’ve tried it out on a few occasions, and received everything from a wrinkled brow to a limp, fishy cluster of fingers totally unaccustomed to yanking.

But men always shake hands. They’re crazy about it. They shake hands when they meet. They shake hands when they part. If you’re acquaintances, you shake hands. If you’re a close friend, you shake hands. If you’ve met the guy once through a friend of a friend three months ago in a crowded bar and run into him on the street, you shake hands. Once I watched two groups of university students passing each other outside after class. It was like the end of a hight school football game. Each one of them took time to shake all the hands in the opposite group, right on down the line» (2001)

Jolly Harinder Singh


Labaton Class is where one can feel the kick in a positive sense. It is where one can feel the horizons. During my stay at Labaton Class I could feel the warmth of little and tender hearts and could feel and see the upcoming generation. To my belief people at Labaton Class are playing a very active and constructive role in the lives of the people and help them cross the boundaries by teaching the English language, which is very vital in today’s global atmosphere. The professionalism of the teaching staff is really appreciable. May God be with them in work and play.